PREMIERE: Jive Talk Wants You to Give it Up for ‘Sue’

The life of the party might be the person you least expect.

The guys in Jive Talk are here with a story about such an individual. On their new single, “Sue,” the Nashville-based tells the story of a wallflower-turned-wild-woman, based on a real-life co-worker of vocalist Oliver Pierce. This light-hearted tale resides over a dreamy, psych-pop soundscape, kissed with a dash of space-funk that calls Foster the People to mind.

“She was quiet, reserved, always showed up on time, didn’t say too much — you knew what to expect from Sue. But, she just felt like she had some hidden energy ready to be unleashed at the right moment,” Pierce said. “It happened at the office Christmas party at Daryl’s house in 2017. She comes decked out in purple-sequined pant suit and boogies the whole night through. Soul trains happened and she led them. Anyway, everyone was yelling ‘Give it up for Sue!’ the whole time, because they couldn’t get enough of that energy — and when it comes down to the wire, that’s what life is about, isn’t it?”

“Sue” is a sign of things to come from Jive Talk, who have a live stream performance at The 5 Spot lined up on Wednesday, March 24. That will be followed by the release of the band’s forthcoming High Waisted EP, set for release on April 9.

In the meantime, the band hopes that “Sue” can help people of what it’s like to live again.

“COVID has been a tough time, but we’re seeing the city slowly open up again, and that’s encouraging,” Pierce said. “We hope that ‘Sue’ can remind people of the good ol’ days of dance parties, soul trains, and that one time when your grandma decided she was gonna break it down in the middle of the dance floor at your third wedding.”

Give it up for “Sue” by hearing this one before anybody else!

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