Daily Spinn: Cameron Floyd Returns on ‘How a Heart Gets Healed’

Over the summer, we welcomed Cameron Floyd to The Quinn Spinn. On that episode, he revealed that he was working on new music, giving us something to look forward to in the New Year.

The time has come. The Charlotte, NC native released “How a Heart Gets Healed” this past Friday, marking the first release under his given name in more than two years.

“The line, ‘everybody puts a door into the walls they build. I won’t try to break in, I’ll just knock until…’ is the theme of this song,” Floyd noted. “Everyone goes at their own pace in recovering from something. Our job as people that love them is to have patience, to be available, and to be present.”

Floyd’s vocal tone on “How a Heart Gets Healed” reflects those ideals, providing gentle reassurance from one person to another. The tune’s comforting melody resides on top of an atmospheric pop rock soundscape, accented with memorable and melodic guitar tones influenced by the great John Mayer.

Spinn your way into a new week with “How a Heart Gets Healed” below!

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