Daily Spinn: Patrick Carpenter Takes Her Home to ‘Meet Mama’

We were super excited to welcome Patrick Carpenter back to The Quinn Spinn this Monday. While we caught up, we learned about the new music he has on the way, chatted about an encounter he had with Tom Brady, and discussed the pivots — in music and life — that we experienced in 2020.

Speaking of 2020, the Mississippi native released a few singles throughout the year. For today’s Daily Spinn, we’re going to “Meet Mama.”

On “Meet Mama,” Carpenter gushes about the excitement of new love, and being so optimistic that this is “the one,” that he can’t wait to take her to meet the most important people in his life. Sonically, there’s a modern country sensibility to “Meet Mama,” which offers Carpenter another chance to showcase his lively, emotive guitar work. With that said, tasteful string arrangements embedded into the landscape ensure that traditional country enthusiasts will find “Meet Mama” just as appealing.

Come on through and “Meet Mama.” It’s today’s Daily Spinn!

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