UMC20: A Stunning Mix (Mar. 16, 2021)

We have reached the halfway point of March (and a very important holiday). Clearly, this month plans to continue stunning us with its musical quality.

Things get kinda weird on this playlist — and we love it! We lead off with varying shades of modern pop, before turning into Americana land, and ultimately ending this week’s installment of UMC20 by rocking the eff out.

(Speaking of rocking the eff out, the final two artists on this week’s UMC20 are playing a siiiick virtual show this Friday. Learn more about it over here.)

The best part? There’s plenty more where this came from! We have a lot of soon-to-be-released tunes in the queue for reviews, and those will surely make things interesting for next week’s playlist, as well.

For now, here are the 20 tracks we’ve chosen for you this week. Enjoy ’em!

Track listing
Jive Talk – Sue
TONYB. – Worst Way
Pauline Andres – Medicine Woman
Mel ft. Mags X – Frozen in Time
Goodnite Robicheaux – Weapon X
Doc. Henry – Sloshy
Cameron Floyd – How a Heart Gets Healed
SC.undercover – Deeper Love
Flo Gallop – Can’t Be Friends
Skylar Lee – Whoopsie Daisy
Patrick Carpenter – Meet Mama
The Accidentals – Wildfire
Amanda Raye – Girl on the Side
Ryan Montbleau – Perfect
Nature’s Neighbor – Monday Morning Drive
Bruce Fugett – Speak to Me
Charles Ellsworth – Max & Geraldine
Rameen – Plastic Heart
The Dirty Delusions – Right Now
Year of October – Wastelands Pt. 2

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