A Daily Spinn Unlike Any You’ve Heard Before…

What happens when you mix classical with modern, and present it with a frenetic sonic energy?

You get “Sloshy,” of course!

That’s the title of the debut single from Nashville-based indie pop project Doc. Henry. Released on March 12, “Sloshy” is, in the artist’s own words, “about the experience of being transported by a performance or work of art.”

“My musical background is a mixture of studying classical composition in a conservatory setting and playing in shitty garage rock bands. So, the making of this song was a chaotic blend of both those sides,” Doc. Henry said. “Featured on the track, you can hear everything from a Steinway concert grand backed by a small string section, to a detuned electric piano, accompanied by feedback loops run through underwater contact mics.”

Combining all of those elements into one sonic melting pot is an impressive feat, and one that the experimental DIY artist tackled with help from a few friends.

“I had the honor of bringing a number of extremely talented musicians and engineers across Nashville onto the team for this project, and we worked both in and out of a studio, setting to craft a finished product that carefully harnesses that sense of chaos,” Doc. Henry said.

You’ve never heard a Daily Spinn quite like this! Check it out!

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