Daily Spinn: P.A.R.KER Shines a Light on Our ‘Vicious Cycles’

Ever have trouble getting out of your own way? We have a Daily Spinn for that.

Released today, “Vicious Cycles” is the latest single from Parker Andrew Robertson, known to fans as P.A.R.KER. The alt-pop artist — who writes songs to “reflect on who I am, and who I want to be” — wrote and recorded the new single to bring light to the self-induced struggles we all face.

“‘Vicious Cycles’ is about being stuck in a vicious cycle of repeating the same mistakes over and over again, and nothing you do seems to make a difference,” P.A.R.KER said. “It’s about trying to do better, but feeling like there’s no way of changing anything. Whether that cycle be drug use, depression, a toxic relationship, poor habits, or a even just a 9-to-5 job, we’ve all been there one way or another, and we’re all trying our best to break out of our own vicious cycle.”

Writing and releasing relatable content is the name of the game for P.A.R.KER, who co-wrote “Vicious Cycles” with Curtis Martin and Josh Rabenold.

“I’m not breaking any new boundaries with what I have to say, but it helps me deal with my own problems when I write about them,” he noted. “I’ve written about dealing with anxiety, learning how to process and deal with varying emotion, past hurts, and let’s not forgot childhood religious trauma.”

P.A.R.KER hopes that “Vicious Cycles” can lead listeners to a breakthrough — no matter the struggles they currently face.

“The last year has been a dark time for so many, and has put so many of us in positions that we never expected to be in,” P.A.R.KER acknowledged. “It forced us to confront things about ourselves, and help us to recognize the problems we truly face. I hope that ‘Vicious Cycles’ can help people can find comfort in knowing that they aren’t alone in their struggles, and that, even though it may be painful, it’s worth it to keep trying to break free.”

Perhaps today’s Daily Spinn will give you the power to break the cycle. Check out “Vicious Cycles” below!

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