PREMIERE: Liz Bohannon Seeks Growth on ‘Let Me Go’

“If you love someone, let them go.”

This tried and true advice can be hard to accept, but it might be exactly what we need to find ourselves again.

Nashville-based songstress Liz Bohannon echoes that sentiment on her brand new single, titled “Let Me Go.” A collaboration with producer and songwriter Louis Johnson, the single represents the bittersweet push-and-pull we feel when we realize that not all love stories are meant to last forever. Sullen, piano-driven verses are an opportunity for Bohannon to express the regret she feels in stepping away. In contrast, the chorus hints at brighter days ahead; a staccato piano march leads us to a sense of optimism, as Bohannon finds acceptance in the notion that this ending is, indeed, a chance to start anew.

Want to hear it first? You got it! Listen to “Let Me Go” below, and make sure you catch Liz Bohannon performing alongside TROY on Thursday, April 1, as part of a special Live from the 615 Virtual Showcase!

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