Arkells and K.Flay Want You to Know ‘You Can Get It’

We all have hopes and desires. If we didn’t, we probably wouldn’t be in the music industry.

With that, Arkells want you — yes, you! — to believe that those things are all within your reach.

Prior to COVID, the Canadian five-piece traveled to Los Angeles to team up with K.Flay on “You Can Get It.” Best described as fearless and electrifying, the high-powered pop rock anthem urges listeners to march forward, no matter the odds, and keep going until they’ve scaled the mountain of their dreams.

“This song is about finding your momentum, the potential energy that’s inside of you. The moment when you scream to yourself, ‘I DON’T GIVE A F*CK TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! YOU CAN GET IT!'” K. Flay said. “So often, the future doesn’t just feel unknowable – it feels impossible. We wanted this song to feel like possibility; like the world is opening up. Like you are powerful.”

“You Can Get It” features triumphant vocals from Arkells vocalist Max Kerman and K.Flay that will provide you with the inspiration needed to perform superhuman feats. Sonically, the single’s bright piano chords serve as the bedrock of a soaring electropop soundscape, while tastefully bombastic horns are the icing on the cake, urging us toward our own greatness.

Reclaim your power and check out “You Can Get It” below!

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