VIDEO PREMIERE: Tyke T Hit the ‘Lottery’ In Love

When Memphis rapper Tyke T met his wife, he felt like the luckiest man in the world. That sentiment is shared in the new video for his single, “Lottery.”

“Lottery” nods to the golden age of Broadway musicals and Motown, with dynamic choreography dressed up in a 1950s greaser vibe. Directed by Michael Butler, Jr., the visuals feature Tyke T performing the single at the front of a three-piece band, all while wooing a waitress from across the room. All is going well, until a rival gang of greasers walks in to start trouble, leaving the self-proclaimed President of Driven to make a getaway with his band — and, of course, his new love — in tow.

Sonically, “Lottery” combines the sensual, harmony-rich influence of the new jack swing era, with the deft flow and thoughtful lyricism of contemporaries like Common and Black Thought. Incorporating several eras of nostalgia into one fresh, modern package, “Lottery” will leave you like you’ve hit the musical jackpot.

As for the video? We’ve got the premiere for you below. Check it out, and catch “Lottery” on all of the streaming platforms this Wednesday, March 31!

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