LISTEN: Chloé Caroline Gets You ‘Ready’ for a Post-COVID World

Photo provided by Auteur Research.

One of the benefits of this wacky time in our lives is that it has offered plenty of room for self-reflection. As we prepare for a post-COVID world, a newfound understanding of ourselves and our respective places in the world will surely come in handy.

Set off this era of newfound blossoming, then, with “Ready,” the new single from Chloé Caroline. Over a fresh pop soundscape with lush reggae undertones, the Manhattan Beach, CA native delivers a powerful message marked by her own period of self-discovery and surrender.

According to the single’s official press release, “’Ready” is a message about taking the leap in facing your fears, trust falling into the unknown regardless of the outcome, and realizing you are already free if you choose to be — nothing but you is holding you back. It also highlights the process of getting to know yourself, and realizing that you are already complete and have all you need inside of you. When we find peace within ourselves, we can face anything fearlessly and open ourselves up to limitless possibilities.”

As you prepare to face the world again, make sure that you’re “Ready” and armed with this anthem!

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