Timothy Myles Strikes Gold on ‘Gold Mine’

Here it is: the triumphant conclusion to the trifecta known as Songs of Hope from Sorrow.

Preceded by singles “Strangers” and “Saving Sorrow,” Timothy Myles‘ newest jam, “Gold Mine,” is an upbeat, rollicking new release that deftly blurs the line between pop rock and Americana. This time, the Chicagoland native calls images of his homeland to mind, focusing the song’s narrative on a young woman in Chicago who captivates all who she encounters.

As with the EP’s previous two releases, “Gold Mine” was recorded live at Battery Lane Music in East Nashville with producer Scott Gerow, and enhanced by the brilliant vocal harmonies of vocalists Justin Watts and Kiera Loveless. And, since we’re feeling generous, you get to hear it alongside the other two Songs of Hope from Sorrow below!

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