UMC20: Comin’ In Hot! (Apr. 13, 2021)

It’s that time of week once again!

Yes, it’s time to get acquainted with 20 more tunes deemed worthy for inclusion on our latest weekly installment of fresh, hot fire.

If you’ve been following here for a minute, you know how this goes: artists submit their music, and find their songs here. In addition, we make sure to give some love to those performing with us in some capacity in the near future, and even sprinkle in a surprise or two, here or there.

Oh, and there’s something for everyone. Have we mentioned that before?

At any rate, this week’s UMC20 is ready to deliver something you’ll vibe with. Who are we to keep you waiting?

Track listing
The Blue Trees – Sex Appeal
Lombardy – Hurricane
Monte Mader – Muddy River
Charles Ellsworth – Miami, AZ
The Reveal – Pieces
Down Boy – Under the Light
Mashup & Cozy Condition – Fly Wizard Fly
Trevor Larkin – Madeline
Nature’s Neighbor – Perch Privileges
Best Hit TV – Microscopes
Bang Bang Jet Away – You Slept With My Best Friend
Waiting For London – What Are You Waiting For?
Timothy Myles – Gold Mine
Cameron Floyd – Stay Drunk
Daisha McBride – Pump Fake
Flo Gallop – Can’t Be Friends
Chloe Caroline – Ready
Alyssa Lazar – Maybe I Did Change
Sam Ellis – Matter
Ben Cosgrove – This Rush of Beauty and This Sense of Order

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