UMC20: Light My Fire (Apr. 20, 2021)

Look at the calendar, and feel free to take that title however you’d like…

This week on UMC20, you’ll notice that we have a healthy amount of hip hop and R&B to start things off. Much of this coincides with the Best of Nashville Hip Hop live stream, a joint collaboration that will powered by Live from the 615 on Friday, April 30. We also show some love for a couple of other upcoming Virtual Showcases, which you can learn more about here.

And then, there are the songs we’ve reviewed, and a few standout cuts in our inbox that are featured here for the first time. All in all, it’s as eclectic as ever, and it’s here for you!

Track listing
Anweezy – Bag Now
Derek Minor – Clean
$hrames – Nerd Raps
Aaron Dews – 4C
TriplePlay Squeek – Sneaky Link
Toni Romiti – My Fire
Katie King – Goodbye
Ava Frazier – Child of the Universe
Catalina – Control
Carson Sheppard – Sunset Blvd.
pondhopper – Sapling
Glass Dove ft. Liz Cooper & The Stampede and Desert Noises – Patterns of My Mind
M. Byrd – Morning Sun
Kaitlin Cantrell – home
Tess – Good For Nobody
Carrie Welling – Good To Me
VOLK – Atlanta Dog
The Dirty Delusions – I Hope It’s Worth It
Lombardy – Don’t Wanna See You Round Here
TV Saints – Seen a Lot of Trouble

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