WATCH: Gee Slab’s ‘Triple Beam’ More Than Just a Music Video

Nashville native Gee Slab has been creating since he was eight years old. Since then, he has been featured by VIBE, Nashville Scene, and NPR, and founded BINO (Believe In New Opportunity), a lifestyle brand and multimedia company which gives back to the Nashville community by working with artists, mentoring kids, and partnering with grassroots organizations to create a better city.

With all of that being said, he still finds the time to devote to his art. His new video, “Triple Beam,” features Gee Slab riding along with fellow hip hop artist Cashmere CrooL. Together, the pair encounter drama (with a sense of humor) in this short film, which illustrates a day in the life of two up-and-coming creatives.

As for the song itself, “Triple Beam” contains an empowering message within its laid-back, swagger-laden instrumental — reflective of Gee Slab’s mission to remain authentic, while inspiring his peers and community at-large. You can listen to it on his recent No Signal EP, or watch the video below!

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