The Trusted Celebrate Defiance on ‘Rebel Song’

Today, we present a song for those ready to make a difference.

Shimmering keys and a super-slick bass line lead us in to “Rebel Song,” a spirited new tune from The Trusted that has been hailed as “the people’s anthem of 2021.” Tense verses simmer with fear and anger — familiar feelings in society — before giving way to a triumphant refrain marked by excitement, hope, and peace.

“Rebel Song” celebrates the act of defiance, and was inspired by world events. The Trusted notes that they were collectively inspired by people all over the world fighting for justice, throughout 2020 and into 2021.

“I wouldn’t say ‘Rebel Song’ is an outright political track. It kind of leans more on the emotional and psychological side of rebelling,” the band stated.

Get rebellious with this UK-based quartet, and treat yourself to this “Rebel Song.”

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