Tie Mao to Mined? What Does That Mean?

You psych-rock enthusiasts are going to dig this one.

San Francisco native and garage-psych stalwart Luke Sweeney has released his new EP, Critique of Nature, which he describes as an “odd collection of songs” which came together quickly on an individual basis, but whose release has been years in the making.

“They’re all outcasts, summoned to the same circle in the spirit of rubbing some ancient wisdom to unfold a pathway that is truly new — truly change,” Sweeney said. “The recordings span across eight years and opposite North American coasts, but they’re all of a thin-veil variety, meaning each was written in one night.”

The EP features current single, “Tie Mao to Mined,” which Sweeney declares to be a “nice way of saying ‘Time Out of Mind.’ Sweeney wrote “Tie Mao to Mined” during a period when he was listening to a lot of Syd Barrett, which makes sense when you consider that its hazy, guitar-driven soundscape would fit right in during the heyday of Pink Floyd and The Doors.

“Originally surfacing as a B-side to my first single, ‘Miss Me’ – which sold out of its run of 50 cassettes – this song has traveled a long way, and continues to morph in a variety of ways,” Sweeney said. “Yet the theme remains: it’s a mind you can trick into confinement, consignment, or alignment.”

Treat yourself to a listen of “Tie Mao to Mined” below. And, while you’re there, enjoy the rest of Critique of Nature along with it!

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