Dan Fuson is ‘Young + Improving’

Dan Fuson is preparing to release his EP, Young + Improving, on May 7.

The title track, though? It’s here now, and it’s mighty powerful.

The Nashville-based pop rock artist teamed up with featured vocalist Ahli to deliver a moving, ambient duet; one which follows two lovers drifting away from each other over time. The soundscape carries a sense of resilience, which is super-charged by a current of emotive guitar work to complement its atmospheric elements. Still, the discomfort brought on by change is palpable on “Young + Improving,” as our lovers come to terms with the idea that nothing gold can stay.

Just like the EP that bears its name, “Young + Improving” was produced by Fuson, with help from mixing partner Jonathan Korzelius. Give yourself a preview of the full experience below!

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