LISTEN: Josh Jordan’s Wistful ‘goodbye song’

There is no stopping the passage of time, and that realization hits harder when distance takes you further from the ones you love.

Josh Jordan explores these themes on “goodbye song,” his new single released this past Tuesday. Jordan — a 19-year old self-produced singer-songwriter — blends reverb-heavy vocals and MIDI orchestral arrangements with the tune’s tender, finger-picked guitar part that marches us gently forward, like the ticking of the clock.

“This song is about the feeling of being separated from the people you love, and the feeling that time is going by quicker than you imagined,” Jordan said. “This is the song that plays in your head when you’re packing your bags to leave home.”

This one will have you wistfully longing for the simple days of youth. Check out “goodbye song” below!

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