The Stonewall Vessels Return on Their Terms with ‘Hallmaze’

The Stonewall Vessels spent a large portion of their pre-COVID lives touring and gigging constantly, playing 200+ shows from Nashville to Rhode Island, and everywhere in between.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they had to re-adjust. They bought their own recording equipment and got to work on new music.

The fruits of their efforts are starting to bloom — and the first new single is the song they’ve always wanted to write.

“Hall Maze” is an alt-progressive dreamscape that, true to form, showcases the Lancaster, PA quintet sonically expressing the swirl of emotions that come with the human experience. Frontman Darrion Washington again delivers a powerful and dynamic vocal performance that causes the listener to hang on his every word, as he finds himself lost in the push and pull of a tumultuous relationship.

“‘Hall Maze’ a tale of perfidy, murkiness, and emotional undertaking, cloaked by a mix of chemicals,” the band said. “Where there is sugar, there is salt. Sometimes mistaken, other times your fault.”

The band notes that “Hall Maze” is the first release where they “got to pick exactly what (they) wanted to do, on every detail.” The end result is something that feels like a true step forward for this band of musical brothers.

“We were lucky enough to have amazing friends to help us tweak tones, let us use their studio spaces, and give their advice,” they said. “Without the rush to record when we’re paying by the hour, we were able to really sit with this track. We were able to practice our instruments much more while in quarantine, and we believe our music proficiency really took a step up on this track.”

They continued, “If it’s a success or a flop, at least we got exactly what we wanted.”

We think it’s a success! See what you think, and get lost in the “Hall Maze” below.

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