WATCH: Audrey Jane Battles Herself on ‘My Own Hero’

Within ourselves, we each have a hero and a villain.

While these personas often have a combative relationship, accepting the presence of both can often be the key to finding inner peace. Audrey Jane finds this peace in the new video for her single, “My Own Hero.”

Directed by Whitney Wolanin, “My Own Hero” begins with an argument between the Nashville-based pop artist and her boyfriend, portrayed by Corey Knox. From there, we go on a cinematic journey to meet Audrey’s two personas — a platinum-haired, red-clad “hero,” and a raven-haired “villain.” The internal conflict between both sides escalates to a physical, on-screen battle… before they both realize that they are much more powerful together than they are apart.

Truly, “My Own Hero” is an impressive and ambitious feat, and one that will cause the pop community — in Nashville and beyond — to stand up and take notice. It’s embedded below for your enjoyment!

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