LISTEN: Kay Palla Processes Gaslighting on ‘I Want You’

Gaslighting can occur for a number of reasons in a relationship. One thing is for sure, though — it’s never easy on the person on the receiving end.

That’s where Kay Palla’s new single, “i want you,” comes in. The tune — which begins with gorgeous, lush vocal harmonies and ascends into the electropop stratosphere — takes the listener on a journey of relational conflict, with undertones of religious complication and the queer experience throughout.

““i want you” talks about the complications that can arise when navigating a love interested who is both unsure about their own sexual identity, in addition to being devoutly religious,” Palla said. “At its core, it is talking about being gaslit, but takes you on my own personal journey with navigating this toxic relationship, and the strength I’ve found in being honest with him and myself.”

Sonically, “i want you” represents a tipping point for Kay Palla, who promises to offer multiple shades of pop alongside varied R&B and jazz influences in the coming month to keep listeners on their toes. Enjoy the first taste of what’s to come below!

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