On ‘Young + Improving,’ Dan Fuson Processes Loneliness and Pushes Boundaries

When crafting his new EP, Young + Improving, Dan Fuson set out to stretch his musical boundaries, expanding his reach into the pop realm while maintaining an honest alt-rock edge.

After listening through, it’s clear that his creative spark paid dividends. The five-song collection goes beyond the guitar to create memorable musical moments, all while coping with the varying shades of loneliness that are all-too-familiar to a great number of Millennial creatives.

Preceded by singles like the letting go anthem, “On + Off,” and the moving, ambient title track, Young + Improving was written and produced in its entirety by Fuson who, alongside mix engineer Jonathan Korzelius, developed a project that is equal parts ambitious and accessible.

“I really wanted to subvert expectations on this EP,” Fuson said. “The songs are still very much larger than life sounding like my previous songs, but I think they way they’re delivered on this new collection will catch people off guard in a really fun way.”

If you’re looking to be caught by pleasant surprise, may we suggest “All We’ve Got” as a starting point? The tune begins with some crunchy — dare we say, almost grungy? — guitars, before the pop sensibilities kick in by way of a triumphant, horn-led hook expertly performed by Dan Snow. Add in an ascending vocal melody, and we have a captivating effort about the anticipation of being re-united with a long-distance love.

Young + Improving is more than a volume about loving and losing. The atmospheric “Lonely War” is about songwriting as a solo artist, and the weight of standing on your own — a weight that we feel in the track’s thunderous percussion. Later, ethereal closing ballad “Notion” brings the entire experience full-circle; we can feel Fuson’s thoughts racing, as he contemplates the challenges and discomfort associated with growth in all of its forms.

“All of these lyrics are me at my most honest,” Fuson said. “I didn’t compromise or shy away from anything for being too unveiling, and hopefully the truth shows.”

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