PREMIERE: Tess Unveils Stripped Version of ‘Fade Away (To Gray)’

The path we walk when embarking upon a creative path can be a lonely one, indeed. As we forge ahead toward our goals, we can feel the sense of isolation that comes with a less conventional path. Sometimes, we’re left wonder if anyone cares at all.

Nashville-based alternative rocker Tess felt these emotions when she embarked upon a solo career in the already-isolating year of 2020. She captured the angst behind them on last year’s full-electric version of her single, “Fade Away (To Gray).” However, there’s a more vulnerable side to this experience that we also must acknowledge, and Tess captures it on a new, stripped-down version of the song, released today.

“I wrote this song when I felt like no one cared about me — an attitude (that), honestly, I think a lot of people have to work through,” Tess noted. “I just started releasing music as a solo artist in 2020, and I immediately had to work through feeling ‘invisible’ and ‘alone.’ It’s a bit of a heart cry of anger and frustration, coming from a place where I really believed I just had to accept my place as an artist without a real voice. It’s an attitude I understand and believe is not true, but I find value in writing from a specific moment, and watching how the music helps me move forward.”

The acoustic version — which Tess says utilizes “only tight harmonies and acoustic guitar to set the aura of the track” — was crafted in conjunction with producer Parke Cottrell who, alongside his wife Allie and folk artist Megan Brown, lent their backing vocals to give the project new life.

“I decided to release a stripped version of this track because I off-handedly sat down with some friends and played through it, taking the rock attitude into a more folk-rock attitude,” Tess said. “I love it so much, and I just knew I had to get into the studio to record it.”

We think you’ll love it, too — especially if you’ve ever hit bumps on the road of creativity. Check out the stripped version of “Fade Away (To Gray)” below!

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