UMC20: Upcoming Shows and Past Reviews Galore (May 11, 2021)

As you may be able to tell from this week’s UMC20 lineup, we’re more than a little excited for some of our upcoming shows.

In particular, we’ve got a couple coming up this weekend, and tickets are starting to fly off of those virtual shelves, y’all. It just so happens that you’ll also find all five of this weekend’s artists featured on this one. And, if you look closely enough, there’s a hint about a show to be announced in the near future somewhere among our ranks.

We’re not using the entire playlist for gratuitous show promotion, though. There’s generally a solid helping of fire coming through from artists across the spectrum, and we’re trying to hit as many of them as we can on this — and every — edition of the playlist.

But, enough talking. We’ll let you jam the jams now.

Track listing
Beyond Here – Go There
King Locomotive – Shakedown
Stray Nova – Where Do You Go From Here
Upstate Mojo – Patina
Notelle – Sufjan Stevens
Dan Fuson – All We’ve Got
The Ruddy Ruckus – Hold On My Love
Tess – Fade Away (Stripped)
Ava Earl – Cimorene
Brendan Scott Friel – Shadows
Lora Kelley – Mama’s Kitchen
Korby Lenker – Crow Country
Ariel Petrie – Going My Way
Fresh Lady – Love Is Mine
Heru Heru – Cashvillians (M Slago Remix)
Hollie Hammel – 21
Sally Duhon – Cozi
Coleman.X – cry
Rose Starring – Denial
Max Swan – Leanin’

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