LISTEN: Magic Bronson Comments On Our Collective Tech Burnout

Is it just us, or has society felt a little too robotic lately?

OK, it’s not just us, because Magic Bronson seem to agree with their new single, “My Baby Is An Android.” Combining futuristic elements with a beautiful bass hook and vintage doo-wop sensibility, the duo released the tune as a tongue-in-cheek commentary about society’s over-reliance on technology and AI.

“We spend more time with our phones and those AI voices than we do with our significant others or family,” noted Matthew Lieberman, who serves as the band’s lyricist, in addition to his bass and synth duties.

What makes “My Baby Is An Android” so exciting is the fact that it is highly accessible to multiple generations of music fans — at the same time, its playful and inventive soundscape is a true musical gumbo pot, and just one reason to get excited about this Los Angeles-based duo. Try it for yourself below!

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