LISTEN: Annie Keating Confronts Uncertainty on ‘Nobody Knows’

“One thing that’s for sure, nothing’s guaranteed. Life’s a ride into uncertainty.”

Tell us if you’ve felt that one over the past year or so!

Those wise words come from Annie Keating, by virtue of her new single, “Nobody Knows.” Included on her forthcoming album, Bristol County Tides (due out June 4), the single grapples with the unpredictability so many of us faced at the apex of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On a personal level, the song explores ways the past can affect and impact the present,” Keating notes. “The lyrics ‘There’s a little box locked in my chest, a vestige of an untapped past, I tried to put you in that little box too but it broke apart like a skin outgrew, the past I buried deep beneath rattled like a ghost in me’ explore the power of our tapped (and untapped) pasts. The ways we try to put uncomfortable feelings away but ultimately can’t bury what needs to be reckoned with – truth has a way of surfacing.”

Sonically, “Nobody Knows” is a warm, comforting Americana-style hug. Its soothing guitar and keyboard tones pair with Keating’s matter-of-fact delivery to provide comfort. After a listen or two, it’s easier to believe that, despite choppy waters, there’s always a way to safely reach the shore.

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