LISTEN: On ‘April,’ Jackie Therrien Expresses Love Creatively

There are countless ways to express and feel love. 17-year-old songwriter Jackie Therrien took that notion as a challenge.

“I wanted to write a love song without using the word ‘love,'” Therrien said. “I instead wanted to use colors, memories, and specific moments because I think that’s what love is built of.”

The result is “April,” Therrien’s new single available now on all streaming platforms. The single is notable for the fact that Therrien performed, recorded, and produced the track entirely by herself, turning a simple, guitar-and-vocal ballad into so much more.

“As I was writing it, I could hear so much more. I knew how it wanted it to sound,” Therrien said. “I could hear the soft, yet tingy piano in the background, and I could hear the bongos and the upright bass. It’s very exciting when you can take what you hear and make it come to life, and that’s what happened with this song.”

We love it when a creative vision comes together like this one. Check out “April” below!

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