Meet SaintAhmad with His New Video, ‘It’s Just Me’

Every now and then, you’ve just got to do you.

Leave it to the multi-talented SaintAhmad to deliver that message of being unabashedly comfortable in one’s own skin. His new single, “It’s Just Me,” is a silky-smooth R&B tune with nods to vintage hip hop production, making it the perfect addition to your poolside playlist this summer.

“I really wanted to highlight myself with this record, feel good being myself, and just enjoy life,” SaintAhmad said. “It’s a feel-good record that is about young love, being free, and enjoying your time together with that person. This record is meant to show the confidence in myself to ‘Just Be Me’ and nothing else.”

If you’re wondering who the second voice is on the track, it belongs to Aidan Paul, who adds an element of his hybrid jazz/funk sound to add even more youthful exuberance to this lively record.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a video? Check it out below!

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