LISTEN: Love Crumbs Lament Open-Ended Love on ‘Ellipses’

Despite our natural human tendency to desire closure at the end of a relationship, it doesn’t always come.

“Ellipses” — the new, groovy folk rock single from Love Crumbs — deals with the feeling that occurs when being left on read leaves us searching for answers. The Massachusetts-based trio took inspiration for the single from the real-life events of its guitarist and chief songwriter, Michael Dubuque.

‘Ellipses’ is about trying to connect with someone and not being able to despite the best of intentions. It’s about the things that aren’t said or are left unsaid,” Dubuque said. “I had a relationship that ended kind of suddenly, and I kind of didn’t know why. It was a meaningful relationship to me. The person was typing to me (as evidenced by the ‘…’), but I never got to hear their response.”

The story is brought to life by vocalist Ali Matavish, whose gritty alto carries a searching sense of anguish on “Ellipses.” Underneath it all, bassist Scott Wolfram keeps things moving on the low end with a alt-rock inspired groove that adds vigorous energy to this otherwise wistful track.

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