UMC20: The Best of May 2021

May gave us some of the most popular songs to this point in 2021. That’s what the site analytics tell us, anyway.

No doubt, this month had plenty of bangers for us. It also had a bunch of tender moments that stand out among the year’s most impressive. So, as we’re wont to do, we’ve compiled them here for you, based on what you all seemed to dig the most.

So, dig in! And for the record, I’m driving to Utah next week, and vacation means that the Best of May is going to remain intact for a whole two weeks while I go get lost in the desert for a bit. A fresh batch of fire awaits when I return.

Track listing
Hot4Robot – Made With Guns
Lombardy – Spaceman
Stray Nova – Where Do You Go From Here
Magic Bronson – My Baby Is An Android
The Trusted – Rebel Song
Luke Sweeney – Tie Mao to Mined
The Stonewall Vessels – Hallmaze
Notelle – Sufjan Stevens
Dan Fuson – Lonely War
Shelby Elle – Coming Alive
Coleman.X – cry
Rambo Lee The Chief – Dank
Gee Slab ft. Cashmere Crool – Triple Beam
Rose Starring – Denial
TAHNE – Not Alone
Meagan Hickman – Still Here
Riley Whittaker – Changes
Arts Fishing Club – Hollywood
Tess – Fade Away (Stripped)
Ava Earl – Cimorene

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