On ‘Sandcastles,’ Emily Curtis Re-Discovers the Joy of Creativity

Hey… remember when we used to create simply for the joy of creating?

We assure you, that was an era of all of our lives that happened, once upon a time. Emily Curtis is here to remind us — and herself — with her new single, “Sandcastles.”

Indeed, the music industry — really, any creative industry — can be an unforgiving race to the top. In contrast, this breezy folk-pop single taps into the root source of creative inspiration. As Curtis recalled what it was like to build sandcastles as a child — in all of their temporary glory — the Charleston, SC native realized that the joy of creativity often comes not from the finished product itself, but “in becoming, in learning and trying and starting over, in working with good people, in watching other people succeed, or taking a break for a little while to enjoy what someone else made.”

Now, it’s your turn to sit back and enjoy what someone else has made. Treat yourself to Emily Curtis’ “Sandcastles” below!

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