Summer Rewind: Natasha Blaine Performs a Hall and Oates Classic

Have you ever heard Hall & Oates performed with this much soul?

We once again revisit March 12, when Natasha Blaine closed our Nashville Songwriters Night with Timothy Myles and Quinn O’Donnell. The stellar Nashville-based jazz-pop vocalist was rolling on all cylinders through an impressive performance. Then, she decided to drop this one on us.

This re-imagining of the Hall & Oates classic, “Rich Girl,” is jazzed up and delivered with a touch of funk on the low end. To top it off, Natasha’s vocal performance is spellbinding, and puts new life into a classic that just about everybody knows.

All told, it makes for a standout moment from a night to remember, and you have the pleasure of watching it for yourself!

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