Evan Alexander Moore’s ‘Emma Says’: a Song for Those who Have Lost Touch

Fresh off the heels of his 2020 album, The Perennial Millennial, Evan Alexander Moore is back with what he has proclaimed “a late night, roll-down-your-windows indie rager.”

That rager is “Emma Says,” a “long lost Nick Drake song mashed together with a long lost Animal Collective song” which features coast-to-coast contributions. The single starts off gently with a sweet, nimble acoustic guitar progression and effects-laden vocals, before ascending toward a vibrant sonic landscape that projects the pain of separation from a dear friend.

“The song was written and produced all in my bedroom in Houston, Texas,” Moore said. “However, the song spans across America, with a cello part and flute part recorded in New York, and the song mixed and mastered over in California.”

As for the true meaning behind “Emma Says,” the New York transplant is secure in its personal significance, but invites the listener to interpret it as they will.

“I don’t like putting up boundaries on the truth of the song, ’cause it’s up to the listener to form their own truth around it,” Moore said. “With that said, though — to be both specific and vague — much of the song for me has to do with moving away, and losing touch with a friend.”

Find out what it means to you, and check out “Emma Says” below!

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