Ruby Landen Sorts Through Post-Breakup Confusion on ‘Pt. 1’

Following the release of January’s “I Look Like My Mother,” Brooklyn-based folk songstress Ruby Landen is back with “Pt. 1,” a moody and contemplative post-breakup ballad that asks the age-old question…

“What is it that’s wrong with me?”

“It’s all of the pathetic questions I couldn’t bring myself to ask after an especially confusing breakup,” Landen said. “There’s unblinking self-criticism, intense heartbreak, and even a Celtic-inspired instrumental at the end. Think the unflinching vulnerability of Haley Heynderickx, with the Celtic leanings of Joshua Burnside or Richard Thompson.”

Musically, “Pt. 1” is inspired by Landen’s move to Brooklyn, where she arrived from Paris, France in late 2018. The Northern California native credits her community for helping her discover alternate tunings and a newfound joy in creating.

“There is such a rich musical community of songwriters here, which has provided constant inspiration for my own writing,” Landen said. “I started experimenting with alternative tunings right before I started writing this record. This song is in EADEAE. Since I’m not technically trained, playing in different tunings has really helped me get out of just basic chord forms, which has made my playing better — but also, (it) is so much more fun for me.”

If you want more from Landen, you’ll want to stay tuned for her debut album, Marty. well, set for release on August 27.

“The nine tracks on the record can be regrouped by a common thread: nostalgic musings of various situations and relationships — instances that wander in and out of different temporal and spatial focal points, sometimes expressed as a harsh reality, and others as vague recollection,” Landen said. “The songs often oscillate between feelings and ideas — as well as a fair amount of inner-speculation and criticism — and anecdotes that are recalled by these specific feelings, which could be summed up as a sort of a self-exploratory deja-vu.”

Sounds like there’s plenty of depth to come! For now, treat yourself to “Pt. 1” below!

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