LISTEN: Ben Tyler Takes on a Tom Petty Classic

Spend this Sunday under the “covers” with Ben Tyler‘s take on some vintage Tom Petty.

With help from some friends, the 36-year-old Allentown, PA native released a version of Petty’s 1989 hit, “I Won’t Back Down.” Recorded live with Jason Reif at Freestone Productions, the cover shares creative inputs and performances from Reif alongside a number of Tyler’s contemporaries, including Neil Grover, Anthony Cubbage, Nicholas Capozzolo.

“Putting it together organically in the studio with some of my closest friends in the musical community really gave an authentic energy to the performances we captured together,” Tyler said.

Although the original was written in a different era, it is, indeed, a song for the times, as we slowly begin to greet the post-pandemic world.

“Given the past year, I think society has shown how resilient we can be,” Tyler noted. “I think this song sums up that human determination we all have when we need it the most.”

Find your resilience below!

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