PHOTOS: Talia Stewart, Katie King, and Fresh Lady at The East Room

What a show. What a lineup. What a night!

Our most recent extravaganza at The East Room took place this past Thursday night, and was fronted by three female-fronted pop powerhouses who enraptured the crowd with immersive, captivating performances. We had a feeling that Talia Stewart, Katie King, and Fresh Lady would give us a night to remember. In the end, each performer delivered what we expected and then some!

Fresh Lady kicked off the action, warming up the room with her fun, potent blend of pop, soul, R&B, and a splash of funk. Her 40-minute set was packed with tight grooves and crisp vocal harmonies, and proved to be a warm welcome to the standing room audience. The set was also celebratory in a sense, as it was anchored by the bubbly summertime single, “Watermelon,” which is set for release on Friday, July 2.

King was up next, adding an ethereal presence to the evening by way of her vibey alt-pop sound. King’s performance highlighted the passion behind her debut EP, Divine, presenting the tunes with added vitality and soul, while ratcheting up their status as atmospheric pop bangers.

Then, it was time for the main event. We’ve always known Talia Stewart to put her full effort and creativity into everything she does. With that said, her performance on Thursday night was on another level. Her commanding stage presence captured the full attention of the East Room crowd, from the front of the stage to the back of the room. To complement that, the enchanting ambiance of her signature dark pop-meets-jazz-meets-alternative sound mesmerized throughout the set. Every impassioned word and emotive tone hung heavy in the air, and we couldn’t help but feel — more than ever before — that we were witnessing a star in the making.

Naturally, we snagged the photos! Check ’em out, and be sure to join us at The 5 Spot on Saturday, July 10 for Borrowed Sparks, The Garden of Eden, and The Dirty Delusions!

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