Multi Ultra Provides Relief from the Grind ‘Tonight’

And, here we have it: an ode to the grind, and a snippet into the life of every person hustling for their dreams. Multi Ultra’s new single, “Tonight,” is a song for the artists.

Multi Ultra guitarist/keyboardist Nolan Brown has a knack for writing viscerally relatable lyrics. “I’m taking down chairs and rolling up my sleeves to hide the ink stains from last week” and “In this fast cash prison, every night I pray, we take our chance to break away” paint painfully familiar scenes that many of us have experienced in some form ourselves.

However, while acknowledging the sometimes hopeless struggle, “Tonight” lights a beam of comaraderie and support for all those who relate.

“I was working the late shift at a local restaurant for a few years. I started thinking about all my friends fighting for their dreams, but feeling stuck in a rut, and wanted to tell their story as much as my own,” Nolan explains. 

Musically, the song reflects the theme of hope, pulling the listener through a slow ballad start, into an upbeat hopeful melody, and ending with a celebratory conclusion.

“I wanted a triumphant ending; a sea-shanty sing-along,” Nolan said. “It was fun to create a jolly, drunken bar scene with some honky tonk licks and a little help from our friends.”

Listen to “Tonight” below, and check out Multi Ultra playing Music City Movement on Aug 24 at Live Oak

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