PHOTOS: Timothy Myles, Natasha Blaine, and SHELBYY at The East Room

For the third month in a row, we spent the last Thursday of the month at The East Room for a Live from the 615 event!

This show came together quickly. We had the date, and we recruited “Rockicana” artist Timothy Myles, jazz-pop singer-songwriter Natasha Blaine, and punk-pop artist SHELBYY to bring a night full of variety to the stage. Through it all, we found unification through music and community.

It’s a fun time when we get these shows together, and it provides opportunities for collaboration. As you’ll see below, Tim and Natasha got together onstage for a couple songs, and just about everyone — artists and fans included — stuck around not just for a particular artist, but for the experience.

That, my friends, is how live music should be. Check out how we captured the vibe below!

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