PREMIERE: Johnny Gwynn Takes Us Back to the ‘Days of Thunder’

Some things aren’t meant to last forever, but they sure can leave a palpable impact.

Johnny Gwynn‘s new single, “Days of Thunder,” pays tribute to those experiences.  

The end-of-summer release is a cross between pop punk, country, 90s rock, and alt-pop (the list could arguably go on) that lands right en pointe for nostalgia. The song carries a permeating vibe of that perfect summer — and the whirlwind love that came with it — before slipping away into fall.

Reminiscing on the past, Johnny’s lyrical message is about “getting back in touch with a love or time in your life, from rose colored snapshots of that time.”

“You may not be able to get it back, but it’s those moments, and people, that stick with you and change you,” Gwynn said.

They say a lightning strike, doesn’t happen twice

But when a storm rolls in

Can’t help thinkin’

This could be the night…

-Days of Thunder, Johnny Gwynn

There’s something to be said for allowing a piece to take all the time it needs.

“This song was a four-year process, from tinkering with lyrics, fooling around with different instrumentation and styles, revisiting it every few months, and playing it out to see how the parts all fit together.” Johnny explains. “There’s a nostalgic aura that has stayed with the song. So, having taken so long to pin down has let its bones fit into place naturally.”

As a songwriter both by trade and by passion, Johnny has worked with local favorites such as Michael Keys, Alex McGillivray, and Molly Murphy to name a few, and has made his way around the circuit, both on stage and off. Being a well-versed contributor to the folk and country music songwriting scene certainly has its influences on his writing style — but, he breaks outside of those bounds when it comes to his personal expression. In fact, mixing musical styles and throwing in the unexpected is something he’s known for. “Days of Thunder” is a perfect example of that, bouncing seamlessly through a grand mashup of genres throughout the track. 

So sit back, breathe in that late summer air, and revisit your past with “Days of Thunder” below:

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