Ele Ivory Tells You Why ‘We Can’t Be Friends’

Ele Ivory is setting up for a big end to the summer of 2021. She’s releasing her album, Drama Club Days, on Sept. 3. Three days later, she’ll join us (via Live from the 615) at The East Room for what’s sure to be a captivating night of female pop.

And then, there’s this: her potent new single, “We Can’t Be Friends.”

Crisp percussion and fierce bursts of piano lead us into the single — a kiss-off to a one-sided friendship that has remained unbalanced for long enough. Ivory — a contestant on Season 15 of NBC’s The Voice — uses her powerful vocals to set new relationship standards, without pulling any punches.

“The song is honestly very on theme with the whole record: learning to set boundaries within relationships,” Ivory explains. “I wrote it after an experience with a one-way friendship, when I needed to allow myself to learn how to say no.”

“We Can’t Be Friends” was produced by John Mark Painter, of the rock duo Fleming and John. Hear it below!

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