LISTEN: Meagan Hickman’s Hopeful(?!) Breakup Anthem

Not all breakups have to result in despair. In fact, some give rise to hopeful new beginnings.

That’s the sentiment of Meagan Hickman‘s new single, “You Go Your Way.” was inspired by true events in Hickman’s personal life, as it describes the separation of a couple as they embark upon their own career paths in two different cities.

“After returning home to Chicago from a Nashville trip, I had the realization that my partner and I would need to relocate to different cities to further our musical careers,” Hickman said. “This epiphany inspired the story of ‘You Go Your Way,’ which I quickly wrote thereafter to process the feelings that were occurring in that moment. At the end of the day, it became more of a nostalgic look back on all the beautiful many years that we have spent together.”

That’s what sets “You Go Your Way” apart from most breakup songs. While many are filled with bitterness or resentment, Hickman’s new single is a song of appreciation.

“Our departure from living together to separate cities was not a choice out of anger, but rather circumstance,” Hickman noted. “So, I chose to produce the song in a way that created a hopeful, upbeat ambiance to represent all of the adventures that lie ahead in our nontraditional, long-distance relationship.”

“You Go Your Way” was co-produced by Hickman, mixed by Caleb Gilbreath (Brett Eldredge, Sierra Hull) and mastered by Frank Galiard. Now, it’s here for your enjoyment!

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