Phillip-Michael Scales Laments Paying for ‘Another Man’s Sin’

Photo credit: Bryan H. Iglesias

We all have pain from which we need to heal. If we don’t, we run the risk of passing that pain onto others — and particularly, to the people whom we claim to care about most.

Dive bar soul artist Phillip-Michael Scales confronts the pain head-on with “Another Man’s Sin,” a single from his forthcoming record, Sinner-Songwriter. The tune confronts the realities associated with the scars left behind when love is lost, and the resulting relational habits that we find so difficult to break.

“This is one of my favorite tunes off the record,” Scales said. “Most people have pivotal moments that inform how we act in the relationships that follow (for better or worse). ‘Another Man’s Sin’ is about the bad cycle of passing on the hurt because we’ve been hurt.”

If you hear a hint of the blues creeping its way into Scales’ music, it’s partially due to the influence of his legendary uncle, B.B. King. The two formed a close bond as Scales begin to discover “the blues” in his own life, and the genre has now found its way into his music.

“These days I’m finding more of my story in the blues,” Scales said. “A lot has led me here—between politics, my identity, and of course, legacy.”

Here’s something for the pain. Check out “Another Man’s Sin” below!

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