Superpink Gives Us What We Need to Heal on ‘Oh, Marianna’

Healing from trauma is not a linear process. All we can do is show up and try to get a little closer than we were before.

Superpink delivers this message in style, giving you something to groove to with their new single, “Oh, Marianna.” The debut from this self-proclaimed “band from the future, where genre does not exist” is a collaborative effort between lyricist Mark Irwin, multi-instrumentalist Luke Bergamini (formerly of funk band Jeb Bush Orchestra), Chris Lovejoy (of Planet Mercury), and Matt Hughes (of Aric Music).

“This song is about overcoming grief and trauma, written during a time of grief and trauma,” the band said. “It is about taking your time in recovery, not trying to force yourself to be okay when you aren’t.”

If you want more from Superpink, you won’t have to wait long. This artist collective will be bringing you a new single on each new full moon. For now, take in “Oh, Marianna” below!

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