LISTEN: Sam McLeod’s Tender, Airy Wedding Ballad

It’s wedding season, y’all — and this new tune from Sam McLeod is making the love in the air even more palpable.

The Tennessee native released his latest single, “You, Me & Everything” this past Friday. The arrival of this airy, sweetly-sung love ballad has been a long time coming; McLeod wrote it specifically for a friend’s wedding back in 2015. He then came back around to it, recording and self-producing it into the studio version you’ll hear below.

“It is about living out the dream of marrying a person you’ve loved for a very long time,” McLeod said.

“You, Me & Everything” will be included on McLeod’s forthcoming EP later this year — and he promises that love, indeed, will be its common thread.

“The EP’s vibe is the nostalgia of young love: butterflies, passing notes, playing M.A.S.H., and making mix CD’s for your crush,” McLeod notes.

For now, help yourself to “You, Me & Everything” below!

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