UMC20: What Did We Miss? (Sept. 14, 2021)

It’s been more than three months since the last UMC20 playlist was unveiled. That is… until today!

With that, we had a chance to comb through an entire summer’s backlog of submissions. While there was no way to get to them all on this 20-track installment, we at least feel like we made a dent, working our way back through the feedback form on our way to maybe, one day, catching up on all of the fire you’ve released this summer.

Let this week’s edition serve as a triumphant return to form. And, rest assured: there’s always plenty more where this came from!

Track listing
Fresh Lady & Vincent Williams – Watermelon
Abigail Jerri – Get That D
Ele Ivory – We Can’t Be Friends
Jack Vinoy – Signal
Ellis Newman – Overrated
Superpink – Oh, Marianna
Matt Sahadi – Cherry Cola
Sam McLeod – You, Me & Everything
Cory Singer – Somebody’s Heart
Meagan Hickman – You Go Your Way
Maddy Hicks – Weigh Me Down
Katie McGhie – Don’t You Know
Mark Elliott – Hear Your Voice
J.Antonette – Mean Well
Meredith Rounsley – Ember
Annalise Curtin – Falling
Food Truck – Weekend Trips
Mozart Gabriel – Operate
Debt Neglector – Dirty Water
StillCraft – Break You Down

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