PHOTOS: The Sewing Club, Hippie Speedball, and Juke of June at The 5 Spot

This past Thursday night was a beautiful night in Nashville, and it was equally as nice to be back at The 5 Spot for our latest Live from the 615 show.

We had the honor and privilege of being joined by a trio of Music City’s tightest independent rock acts. Among them were 2021 Lightning 100 Music City Mayhem participants The Sewing Club, the exciting and energetic Hippie Speedball, and 2021 Tennessee Titans Battle of the Bands winners, Juke of June.

It was a night where rock and roll was alive and well in the heart of East Nashville, with plenty of flavors for listeners to enjoy. The common thread, of course, was the spirit of the music and the sense of community in the room. We love helping to create experiences like this, and nights like Thursday are a big reason why.

Check out the photos below, and join us for our next endeavor: our first-ever festival! 615Fest goes down Saturday, October 2 at The East Room, and you’ll want to grab your tickets for an all-day party featuring 10 independent acts from Nashville and beyond!

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