UMC20: Summer Submissions and Upcoming Shows (Sept. 21, 2021)

We’re still combing through a summer’s worth of submissions from y’all, to be considered for inclusion on UMC20. We’re making some progress, but it still may take us a little while to get to ’em all.

Of course, we also want to show some love to this fall’s Live from the 615 shows, which are fast approaching. That means including a few of the artists set to perform at 615Fest at The East Room on October 2, as well as a handful more from folks scheduled to join us for other engagements throughout the month of October.

All in all, variety is the name of the game this (and just about every) week on UMC20. Dig in below!

Track listing
Beyond Here – Go There
Stray Nova – Do It Again
Summer Rain – Hold Her Hand
Beck Black – Hollywood Blvd.
The Love-In – Keep Your Mouth Shut
Catalina – Distance
Tess – Bed of Lies
Man Made Hills – I’m Dead
Samuel Herb – It’s Been a Year
Carrie Welling & Alex Wong – Monster (Night)
TROY – Mistake
Dakota Ryley – Lucky
Seth Witcher – The Stars in Your Eyes
Gabrielle Macafee – Apocalypse Rodeo
Riley Whittaker – Time Machine
James Austin Melton – Living in the Neon
Max Viner – Thinkin’ About You
Xinovia & Aimie Lovett Sommer – On Your Side
Tee Walls – Late Night Vibes
Rambo Lee – Bright Lights

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