LISTEN: Summer Rain’s Nostalgic Rocker, ‘Hold Her Hand’

Summer may be really, officially, 100% over, but the breezy and carefree nature of the season lives on!

Keeping it alive is the vintage rock and roll sound of “Hold Her Hand,” released back in July by Summer Rain. The youthful sounds put forth by the guitar pop trio hearken back to an innocent time, when rock was young and romance was in the air — even if it was never meant to last.

The band notes that “Hold Her Hand” is the song they’ll use to close their live set, and one whose crafty riffs captivate audiences whenever it is performed live.

“This song literally fell right out of us. After some relationship troubles, (guitarist Will McLelland) sat down at his guitar, and the song just flowed right through him,” the band said. “We come from a small town where the average age is 67, so naturally, we made it loud and full of energy.”

Relive those sweet, golden days with “Hold Her Hand.” It’s here for you below!

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