UMC20: Upcoming Shows and More Fun (Oct. 5, 2021)

You may have noticed that we have our hands in a lot of upcoming shows around Nashville this month. So, we’ve crammed as many of those artists as are announced onto a single edition of UMC20, and peppered it with some other submissions and notable releases.

You’ll notice a healthy dose of hip hop, in its varying shades and flavors. There’s also plenty of pop to be had, as well, including the three artists on this Friday’s NashLive! show at The East Room. Rock and Americana fans shouldn’t feel left out, either — your tastes are represented this week, as well.

Let’s get after it, shall we? Hear the latest below!

Track listing
Sarah Manzo – Say It Slowly
Dakota Ryley – Good For You
Julia Kahn – Breathe
Chey Rose – coffee in the rain
Audrey Jane – Make You Miss Me
Talia Stewart – Alcohol
Nave Satyr ft. Grixxly – The Best
Esquire – Feelz
Tee Walls ft. Keith Mosley – Thuggin’ Since 94
Lord Goldie – Flip Mode
Mr. 110 ft. Rambo Lee – Mathematics
Heru Heru – Uptown Bound
Luke Collins – Tell You
PuffHost – That’s Alright
Krantz – Beach (Moonlight Rendezvous)
The Mad Sugars – We Want the Night
Monte Mader – Dinner & Dessert
The Daily Fare – Evil in the Water
Charles Ellsworth – Miami, AZ
Skylar Gregg – 40e and 40w

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