The Ivins Come Clean About the Ways We ‘Hide & Lie’

The Ivins have been churning out single after single over the past couple of years, as they build to the release of their sophomore album, Conditions, due out on streaming platforms on Friday, November 19.

The latest, “Hide & Lie,” meets at the intersection of modern alternative and post-grunge, and is what vocalist/guitarist Jim Ivins refers to as “a confessional about liquid courage.”

“When I was single, I was never the guy who could effectively do bar banter. Finding, talking and picking up girls from a large group of people? Not my thing, no matter how much I wanted it to be,” Ivins said. “Same goes for regular interpersonal relationships — never very good at networking, never very good at getting past that initial 30-60 second ‘how’ve you been?’ phase of conversations. So, simply put, alcohol was — is — my security blanket. While some can look at that sentence and clutch pearls, I don’t think there is a person among us who hasn’t taken a shot before a first date, or had a cocktail to loosen up before something important.”

“Hide & Lie” arrived a couple of weeks ago, after a creative process that spanned several years. The “confessional” finds inspiration from the title track of The Smashing Pumpkins’ Monuments to an Elegy.

“That song inspired the chorus B-section of “Hide & Lie” that said “bring me down, farther than I ever knew how,” but I had absolutely no idea what that meant,” Ivins said.

Eventually, the song’s personal message took shape, giving the world another relatable slice of rock and roll that addresses the methods we use to cope.

“So many of us have these emotions in a variety of situations, so I wanted to a write a song that could speak to a universal experience,” Ivins said.

“Hide & Lie” was recorded at Keystone Studios with Michael Zuehsow (Cherub, Colt Ford), and mixed by Emmy Award winner Robert Venable (Kelly Clarkson, twenty one pilots). Check it out below!

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